About Me

I always dread the question ‘Where are you from?’ because I never know how to respond. Do you want the long or the short answer?

I’m a Brit living in the land down under and travelling somewhere in-between.

Born-in-Crewe-parents-are-from-Manchester-grew-up-in-North-Wales-moved-to-the-Channel-Islands-went-to-high-school-in-Plymouth-university-in-London-spent-some-time-in-Marlow-parents-have-just-moved-back-to-Wales-about-15-minutes-from-my-childhood-home. But I’m not Welsh. Make sense?

Let’s talk numbers:
I’m 29 years old
And in that time have had 20 homes and countless temporary residences
I’m the second of 6 children
With sibling number 1 living in San Francisco
I’ve spent the last 5 years in Australia
On 7 different visas (1st Working Holiday; 2nd WH; Tourist; Bridging; 457 Sponsored Worker; Temporary de facto; Permanent de facto)
of those years have been in the Northern Territory
I haven’t stayed in a job for longer than 15 months
Since I started working at 14
I have 9 months until I complete an MSc in Public Health
I’ve been in a relationship with a Territory boy for nearly 4 years
Who is 6 years younger than me
But we’ve only lived in the same place for the last 2
We are currently travelling for 8 months
After leaving the small town where S was born, where we met, and where we finally moved in together. 


at Coachella 2014

at Coachella 2014 




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