Why I’m here

I’ve been wandering aimlessly for quite some time but this year – with a time limit, a budget (and no prospect of employment), and another person to consider – my planning and organisation skills have come into their own.

I’d like to think that the inordinate amount of time I spent researching this journey (and the ensuing trial and error of the first leg) may be of some benefit to other travellers. I intend to include: reviews and location guides; information for carry-on only packing (aka one bag travel); and my general observations on travelling.

It is also my hope that I will summon the courage to share this blog with my friends and family as a natural successor to the (not-so-regular-anymore) email updates that I have been sending out since first travelling to Australia in 2009. Many of these people are able to view my photos through social media but sometimes I need a few more words than a picture may speak.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m here

    • or rather…the like! Have a great day…and by the way, I love your 30 list. I should have done that! Way past that point now, but 40 is nearing…


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