30 before 30

I have been compiling this list for over a year now but having recently celebrated my 29th birthday, the countdown to version 3.0 is well and truly on.

I decided to make a 30 before 30 bucket list to both challenge and reward myself. I haven’t included many travel goals here as the next 6 months are already mapped out, after which I will be unable to venture outside of Australia for 9 months (due to residency requirements for my citizenship application).

  1. Get healthy and happy with my body – A bit of a cliche to kick off with, but seriously, it is time to start loving myself sick.
  2. ***** This one is private, sorry!
  3. Get a tattoo – I’ve always wanted one and my current ‘clean skin’ status is symbolic of chronic indecisiveness and inability to commit.
  4. Finish my Master’s in Public Health – On course to finish in June 2015.
  5. Apply to med school – A big one, and one that I have been putting off for, oh, about 4 years because I am terrified of failure. GET ON WITH IT.
  6. Be able to do a pull-up – Because I want to be hardcore.
  7. Start a blog – nuff said
  8. Try eyelash extensions – Ok, so this may be a little vain, but a friend got them and they looked so good. Plus I hate mascara.
  9. Have a fertility test – This might seem crazy, but what with #5 above and a much younger bf, one of my biggest fears is not being able to conceive when we finally get around to trying.
  10. Take snowboarding lessons in Canada – plan to do this in Whistler this winter.
  11. Visit NYC – made this my new favourite city in August 2014
  12. Finish a (half) marathon – My goal is to complete the Brisbane Marathon in August 2015, but I was unable to run the Mt Tamborine half last year due to injury, I would settle for 13.1.
  13. Move back to the city – we fly into Brisbane on 4th March 2015 and I really, really hope we stay a while
  14. Own some grown-up boots – A younger me believed this would be the epitome of womanhood. I still want them.
  15. Take a cooking class – I love cooking and eating new things so this would be a great thing to do while travelling. Cooking is also generally therapeutic for me (I have been known to throw tantrums) and one of the ways I show my love to nearest and dearest.
  16. Learn to dance – Originally this was play a team sport but I am old and ugly enough to admit that I’m not a team player and it doesn’t really “G me up”. Dancing however I can get down with.
  17. Spanish immersion – attended language school in Cartagena, Colombia for 3 weeks, September 2014
  18. Start laser hair removal – Sorry, this is probably TMI but: I hate body hair; I won’t shave; hair removal cream stinks and burns; I previously owned an epilator which should be reclassified as a torture instrument; waxing is so expensive; I hate having to wait for it to grow back; the beauticians always do half a job; and don’t get me started on the complications such as itchy rashes and red lumps and bumps. Needless to say, I think this will change my life forever.
  19. Learn how to use all of the functions on my Nikon D90 SLR – I made a fool-hardy decision before the last trip to sell my D90 and buy a compact (specifically a Fujufilm X100s). It seemed like a better travel option and the photos it took (correction: photos on the internet that other people have taken with it) were so beautiful. The lack of optical zoom didn’t phase me as I wanted to think of myself as a ‘street photographer’. It was a huge mistake. The photos were crap, I needed the zoom, I couldn’t figure out how to use it and it really wasn’t that light or easy to carry around. I promptly sold it on eBay on my return to Australia and only lost about $100. Ye old faithful Nikon is back in action and I do truly love it, but I haven’t taken enough time to get to know it properly and all too often rely lazily on auto-settings. I know it is capable of greater things if only I could set it free.
  20. Get my family to visit me in Australia – By the time I return to my adopted country I will have lived there for almost 6 years. I think it’s high time the famz came to stay and see what all the fuss is about.
  21. Trade in MTB for a roadie – I hope this isn’t another camera-esque error, but I recently sold my hard-tail mountain-bike of 7 years. In the UK it was my pride and joy but since coming to Australia I have used it off-road twice and it has mostly sat in a friend-of-a-friend’s shed in Perth. The second and last time I rode it was not fun. Given that I’m (see #13) planning to live in the city, and I am happiest when riding fast on bitumen I hope it is safe to assume that I will get much more use and enjoyment from a roadie.
  22. 1 year no smoking – I would say that I’m a non-smoker, though at times in my life I have definitely been one, but I have a nasty habit of bumming the odd cigarette on nights out. Not only is it (probably) incredibly annoying for the friends who hand them out, it is also something that I am ridden with guilt about, know is deterimental to my health, and a guaranteed to trigger an argument with the bf. I am a member of the online community Hello Sunday Morning which aims to promote a healthier attitude towards drinking (alcohol). For me the two go hand-in-hand, so part of this goal is to limit my alcohol intake and generally enjoy healthier pursuits.
  23. Sit another vipassana course – I ‘um’ and ‘ah’ over this one a lot. In November 2011 I sat a 10 day vipassana course in the Blue Mountains and it was one of the hardest things I have done. It wasn’t life-changing in the way I had expected, but it certainly did shake things up in my life. I am always drawn to things that I find difficult and I really don’t like meditating. Sometimes I think that means that I probably need it, but other times I think that I meditate in other ways, such as through running, cycling, cooking. We will see…
  24. See Beyonce live – We share the same birthday, she’s a ledge, I saw her at AT&T Park in San Francisco, it was mesmerising.
  25. Volunteer with a health not-for-profit – I’ve recently worked for one, but I want to volunteer in a non-admin role.
  26.  Complete a Cert IV in Fitness – I want to do this in July next year to help myself prevent injuries and stay fit as well as potentially giving me part-time employment. If I spend so much of my life reading and learning about fitness I may as well get paid for it!
  27. Get a healthy skin check – Since moving to the country with the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, my moles have occupied my thoughts from time-to-time. Anyway, I did this in July and was given the all clear, phew!
  28. Collate all of my belongings in one place – Linked to #13 and making somewhat of a home. At least now I only have “stuff” at 2 houses albeit on opposite sides of the world (that doesn’t include temporary dumping of suitcase at my brother’s in San Francisco). Mainly I miss my books, and I don’t think my parents like having to lug extra boxes around every time they move house.
  29. Sail in the Whitsundays – When I was younger, my daddy had a yacht. I realise how that sounds! But my family sailed and it was great, so I hope we can tick this one off together.
  30. Experience Bikram yoga – It sounds intense. Just my cup of tea.

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